How Hypnotherapy in Melbourne is Changing Lives

People in Australia are beginning to understand the need for hypnotherapy and how it can help them cure many issues from weight loss or to stop smoking through to depression; there has been a recent surge in the number of people attending Hypnotherapy sessions over the past two years.

Hypnotherapy Is Paving The Way Forward

With the recent increase in depression and anxiety rate of adolescence in Australia, it has become important that hypnotherapy be well sought out as a means of treatment. Luckily, more general practitioners are referring their patients after more conventional treatments yield no or negative results.

Statistics have it that over 160,000 young people between the ages 16 – 25 years in Australia live with depression and about one out of six young people are prone to anxiety. Many of these teenagers have exhibited suicidal tendencies but with hypnosis they have been made to feel better about themselves.

Hypnotherapists in Melbourne, Australia are helping to get the word out about the use of hypnosis in providing remedy for anyone suffering from anxiety or depression. Parents have also been urged to avail help to their children when they begin to notice signs of depression and anxiety so they can be addressed before the situation gets out of hand.

Times Are Changing – So Must We

There has been another noticeable cause of addiction that leads to anxiety in Australia; the use of mobile phone text messaging service (and phone apps for websites such as Facebook) have aided the increase of anxiety amongst the teenagers in Australia. From an article publication in the Herald Sun newspaper, it was garnered that depression, low self-esteem and anxiety have been identified by researchers as symptoms common among text – obsessed adolescents.

According to Jennie Carroll, a technology researcher from RMIT University in Melbourne, the mobile phone had become an integral part of the teenager’s life. Her research shows that the effects of mobile communication is associated with four distinct disorders which are textaphrenia, textiety, post–traumatic text disorder (PTTD) and binge texting. Textaphrenia is having a feeling you just received a text message or your device just vibrated when in the real sense there is no message alert on your phone. In the case of textiety the person feels anxious of not having received a text or inability to send any.

Post–traumatic text disorder is the mental and physical injuries relating to texting, for example texting while walking and bumping into a stationary object. Bing texting is when a teenager sends multiple texts to feel good about their self and try to attract responses. Dr. Carroll has informed that teenagers in Australia who were aware that they were addicted to texting too much can do something about the situation; the teenagers are advised to indulge more in physical contact instead of communicating via text.

There are lots of Hypnotherapists in Melbourne, Australia but there is just a handful that render hypnosis in the right way. Skilled and qualified hypnotherapists that get consistent results are few and far apart.

Proven Effective in Many Areas

Hypnotherapy has also been found to be helpful in helping Australians to lose weight tremendously. Hypnotherapy for weight loss would teach you how to stop eating the wrong foods, how to curb your appetite for junk foods, how to stop eating at inappropriate times etc.

The Australian Centre of Hypnosis specialise in treating many different ailments (both physical and mental) using Clinical Hypnotherapists who have highly-skilled levels of training from across the world.

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Would You Like To Change YOUR Life?

Whilst Hypnotism can assist with many hundreds of different mental and physical issues, like everything however, there are people that hypnotherapy is ideal for, and those that it is not so ideal for.

IT IS NOT for you if:

  • Suffer from Schizophrenia or Severe Mental illness
  • You really do want to keep the problem
  • You want to take ten years of weekly sessions to feel better
  • You like wasting tens of thousands of dollars on your issue… or your solution

IT IS for you if:

  • You are tired of your tomorrow being identical to your yesterday
  • You want to quickly and easily resolve your issues
  • You feel you need to take control of your life
  • You want to reclaim your mind and enjoy your life

Would You Like To Change YOUR Life?

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