Addictions are something we all face from time to time.

Hypnotherapy can be used effectively as part of a treatment or cessation program for many kinds of addictions, ranging from smoking to alcohol to drugs, and also overeating, gambling, sexual urges, and so forth. Specifically, hypnosis can be used to reinforce behavioral changes sought by those seeking to break their addictions.

There are many well-established programs and methods for addiction treatment. The biggest challenge for most addicts is “staying clean” after the initial rehabilitation or cessation program. Hypnotherapy can be used effectively to reinforce good behavior during this aftercare period.

Hypnosis for treating addiction should not be performed until after the detoxification process is complete as concentration levels and susceptibility will not be optimal.

Hypnosis will not work if the candidate is highly unwilling, nor will it be effective if the person is under the influence of drink or drugs.

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