You know you “should” but can’t find the energy or reason to get up and do it. Now learn how you can tap into the power of your own mind and hit the highway at a thousands miles per hour!!!

What drives you to succeed?

Have you ever set yourself a task or goal that is well defined with a clear deadline and yet you still didn’t complete it on time? Have you perhaps found it hard to feel motivation to even get out of bed?

Losing motivation happens to lots of people quite often, and for most people it is a frustration that they would rather not have.

We all know of someone who appears to be full of motivation and so well organised that they never miss deadlines, always seem to have time to spare, and rarely appear stressed or angry. Then we wonder why we can’t be more like them by feeling motivated and enjoy the calm serenity that they appear to.

So what is the difference?

The conscious mind is very good at disguising or hiding things that we would rather not admit to, so we convince ourselves that there were valid reasons we didn’t meet our original goal, making it difficult to become motivated.

It is easy to use logic and reasoning to support our conscious thoughts and so we continue to believe the reasoning, and quite often we will repeat this error when we re-address the task later. This logic can make motivation something of the past.

Hypnotherapy is used to access the subconscious mind and determine what the real reasons are for failing motivation and then we can redesign those thoughts to ensure a better result in future. The biggest advantage is that the subconscious cannot discern between a real event and a vividly imagined one, so it becomes easier to change that habitual negative learning into a positive, “I can do it”, motivated frame of mind.

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