Trauma and PTSD


Trauma And PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Why suffer from a trauma indefinitely?

Common traumas are those experienced at scenes of accidents – affecting casualties, witnesses and emergency services.
We can all relate to a traumatic event of some sort, although for some people it is not an event that touches them directly. For others it can be debilitating and cause long term illness or negative reactions and emotions.

Typical examples of traumas where hypnotherapy has proven effective are rape, abuse, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), violence and many more. Some clients are unaware that they have experienced a trauma because their conscious mind has refused to acknowledge it and discards the memory. Unfortunately the subconscious retains the memory and can influence an individual’s actions or reactions depending upon the circumstances.

Quite often a client suspects they have a phobia of sorts and seek help to conquer it. Investigation may show that the phobia is triggered by a traumatic event that has been long forgotten.

As an example; it is not unusual to treat a client for sexual dysfunction and then during diagnostic analysis under hypnosis they reveal that they have experienced some form of sexual abuse as a child. The revelation can sometimes be more traumatic than the original event.

Once the causes are recognised then the therapy can be relatively straight forward.

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Sports Performance Hypnosis


There is a endless history of hypnosis in sport, proving how athletic performance can be augmented tremendously in many arenas, speed, style correction and strength enhancements are especially effectual.

Many Superstars utilise some kind of hypnosis whether it’s visualisation or affirmations and numerous look for the support of a professional hypnotherapist or sports psychologist to assist in their mental coaching.

Sports Hypnotherapists differ from Psychologists in that they work immediately with the Subconscious part of the brain – the part that operates our behaviours, hence change with hypnosis is a great deal rapid.

Sports Hypnosis has assistant thousands of greats sportspeople, from Tiger Woods through to Michael Jordan and many more.

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Improve Sex Life


Improve Your Sex Life

Why Hypnotherapy and not a Sex Therapist?
If you attend a clinic with a sex therapist then you would normally have to be with your partner. Hypnotherapy allows a client to be treated on their own which has significant benefits in terms of reduced nervousness and you don’t have to take your clothes off!

Can sexual dysfunctions be treated effectively with Hypnotherapy

Yes! Almost 50 years ago Erickson and Kubie provided the earliest known case of successful treatment of Inhibited Sexual Desire (ISD) using hypnosis. ISD is the most widespread of sexual dysfunctions and often seems to involve problems with communication and intimacy, traumatic sexual experiences, and negative role modeling from parents.

Hypnotherapy is successfully used to help with a wide range of sexual issues such erection issues and lubrication, impotence and anorgasmia, premature ejaculation, fantasy and role playing, libido, and much more.

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Learn Hypnosis


Like many others, do you want to Learn Hypnosis?

Despite some Stage Hypnotists intentions, Hypnosis is actually a natural state of consciousness that we enter into and out of many times each day. There is no magical skill behind the ability to go into Hypnosis, other than the skill of letting go.

Learning how to use Hypnosis is something we do with many of our clients. After all, by teaching a person how they can enter into Self Hypnosis and obtain great results of their own, we are in essence showing them how they can empower themselves.

To learn how to do Hypnosis, we recommend you contact us to discuss the areas of hypnosis you wish to learn about, so we can provide you with sufficient assistance.

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Tossing and Turning… Ready to pull your hair out because nothing you seem to do lets you get that well earned sleep… Discover how to finally get the rest and peace you deserve!!!

Having trouble sleeping because of insomnia, can be really distressing and frustrating. You go to bed, wishing for a good nights sleep and then lay awake for hours, tossing and turning, becoming more and more anxious about getting to sleep. Or perhaps you drop off to sleep quite easily, and then awake at some unsociable hour and can’t get back to sleep. Either way, the result is that you may feel tired, emotional, irrational and not able to function in a way that you would like to in daily life.

Most people have experience insomnia at some time or another and often this is due to specific worries or concerns, such as having a speech to give, an interview to face or being in new or unfamiliar surroundings. If you suffer from an insomnia problem that affects your everyday life, it is advisable to first seek advice from your G.P to rule out any underlying physical cause.

What I often notice about client’s, who present with insomnia, is that they are thinkers. If I could identify, one cause in their inability to sleep well, it would be excessive thinking. This may be thinking about problems from daily life that need solving or even thinking about sleeping!

Hypnotherapy can be very useful in overcoming insomnia and sleep problems in several ways. One way, it that hypnotherapy, can be used is to break the pattern of over thinking at bed-time. This is important because falling off to sleep naturally and easily, is not a conscious act. Our unconscious mind is responsible for knowing how to overcome insomnia. In fact, it will have stored memories for how to sleep well and also how to sleep badly.
One of the best side-effects of Hypnosis, is an enhanced ability to let go, release stress and enjoy a great “insomnia free” night peacefully!

We can’t think ourselves to sleep, in the same way that we can think our way through other problems. During hypnosis, we help you recall times of good quality, restful sleep and make suggestions for you to experience high quality sleep again. Strategies are also taught which can help you to reduce over-thinking and how to use self hypnosis to quieten your mind.

In addition, hypnotherapy can also help you to relax and let go of distracting thoughts.

Learning how to let go in this way, can enable most people experiencing insomnia, to sleep well again. Through hypnosis, clients are supported in planning for a good nights sleep, and cues for sleep are given and associated with activities that you usually do in order to prepare for bed.

Once a person remembers how they sleep well on a deeper level, combined with the ability to access self hypnosis, they can literally change how they experience sleep and rid themselves of insomnia once and for all.

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Improve Learning


You sit there and no matter what, that knowledge doesn’t seem to stay in there… and everyone else seems to “get it” easily. Discover how to use the power of your mind to explode your learning abilities easily!!!

What is accelerated learning?

When we learn something we store the process in our memory and it is that memory which we use when we need to recall the process or data. For example a telephone number, if it is important we tend to store it away in our long term memory, if it was just for a one off call we place it in our short term memory. With our long term memory we usually have good recall, but this is not so with the short term memory.

Improve your memory and reduce exam nerves.

By using hypnotherapy we can remove old habits to help improve performance. It is also possible to then add the suggestions that actually speed up your activities, which when added to the improved recall, provides accelerated learning.

Use of these techniques have the added advantage of helping to reduce the nerves and anxieties that go with examinations. This includes school / college exams, driving test, interviews and any other form of evaluation.

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Group Workshops


Having worked with many people over the years, several therapists from the Australian Centre of Hypnosis have pooled their specialist skills and training into the perfect workshop that will teach people how to get better control over their own emotional responses.

One of the most prominent issues people report is a lack of motivation, an emptiness and the inability to experience happiness. They go through the motions of each day taking life as it comes. Some suspect there can be more to their lives, feeling unfulfilled and wanting more. Others, unfortunately never get that far, not realising their life can be many times more enjoyable then they have experienced in their entire lifetime.

The Happiness Workshop will unveil many breakthroughs in Psychology and Human Development into easy to master techniques and skill sets that will take you from being stuck to truly finding your own potential and spreading your wings in life. You will learn skills that help you identify and understand the blockages in your emotional understand through to the crucial steps you can reprogram yourself for happiness and success.

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Feel Good


No matter what you do, there is something inside that doesn’t feel right. It feels like happiness and feeling good is a million miles away. Learn how to enjoy your life and transform your level of happiness rapidly!!!

Too many people think that hypnosis is just used to repair or improve those who have a dysfunction or negative trait or habit – This is wrong! Hypnosis can be used for simple recreation. Imagine being able to trip out without using drugs; or relaxing on a tropical beach so real that you could actually be there. This all possible with hypnosis.

Under hypnosis your subconscious mind will accept all sorts of suggestions as being real. We have all seen stage shows where the hypnotist tells the hypnotee that they are in a desert with the sun beating down, and then we see them starting to perspire profusely. The next minute they are being told they have been whisked away to the North Pole and we see them shivering and changing colour.

The subconscious is so powerful that it would be simple to drink a glass of water and yet have the subconscious believe that it was double strength vodka. Then watch the antics as the hypnotee becomes drunk.

Many people go to see a masseuse on a regular basis in order to remove the tension from their body. Under hypnosis you can achieve the same results but also remove the tension and blocks from your mind. So why not consider the longer term approach and relax both your mind and body for just the one fee.

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Gaming Addiction


If you find that you or someone close to you is battling with a computer video gaming addiction, then rest assured as help is at hand. We now offer a therapy that alleviates computer gaming addiction and allows a person complete and effective confidential treatment.

Hypnotherapy has already helped thousands discover moderation and balance from computer excesses.

Our special therapy process doesn’t require those addicted to cease playing games or computers fully, however this can surely be a worthwhile object.

Throughout the brief therapy period, motivation for game playing is naturally reduced and meaningful life activities and rewards are increased and reinforced by the persons own mind, ensuring it remains life-long. Unlike other treatment methods, hypnotherapy allows a reduction of seriously negative withdrawal symptoms and depression that so many people experience.

Our Computer Gaming Addiction Treatment also promotes the restoration of family and social relationships that have been damaged from the addiction.

Our rapid and specialist addiction treatment program has been developed as an alternative to residential treatment or long-term psychotherapy.

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Gambling Addiction


Everybody tells you that you shouldn’t gamble and still you feel there is a chance of that big score which will show everyone that you were right… You have a problem… House Wins! Now, discover how to really win by taking back control of your life!!!

How many occasions as a pathological gambler have you said, “I’ll stop – as shortly as I recuperate my previous loss?” This is a certain sign of a gambling issue, one that can be helped through the empowering process of hypnosis.

Gambling is an enticing variety of addiction disguised as amusement, but for nearly 15 million Individuals it is a style of life that has these Individuals directed toward devastation.

Gambling addiction is a problem that strikes all other aspects of life and can even defeat you. If you like to assess the betting odds, then take a look at these numbers about Gambling Addiction Statistics:

  • Those who can afford it the least, play lotteries the most. Individuals with incomes under $20,000 per year playing the pokie machines 3 times as often as Individuals with incomes over $50,000 per year.
  • Of the 15 million Individuals who sustain some sort of gambling addiction, 65% of those hooked on gambling commit other crimes to support their habit.
  • 1 in 5 pathological gamblers attempt suicide – that is 20 times greater than that of non-gamblers.

Gambling addiction is a very difficult addiction not to be taken gently by the individual who is addicted or by family and friends. Gambling addiction is compulsive like any addiction, such as nicotine, drug abuse, or alcohol. It’s a hard habit to crack, but hypnosis will help.

An Individual who is addicted and has a problem gambling will constantly find the need to gamble to make money or to recuperate a loss. Whenever they win, this fuels the addiction to keep playing to win more. Whenever they turn a loss, they feel insistence to keep playing to make up for the loss by hopefully making more.

Unluckily a gambling addict is eventually going to turn a loss and commonly they lose big time. This can be a major encroachment on finances and family relationships. If you or a loved one is addicted to gambling, then they must get treatment and support assistance.

Hypnosis is a natural and competent method to use to fight gambling.

Hypnosis will help reprogram your mind to no longer experience the gambling high, so you no longer gamble.

Our Stop Gambling Addiction Melbourne recovery program that will replace your addiction with feelings of self-confidence, motivation, and self-control.

You are in control.

Hypnosis will grant you the control to no longer gamble and get you on the road to recovery.

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