If you find that you or someone close to you is battling with a computer video gaming addiction, then rest assured as help is at hand. We now offer a therapy that alleviates computer gaming addiction and allows a person complete and effective confidential treatment.

Hypnotherapy has already helped thousands discover moderation and balance from computer excesses.

Our special therapy process doesn’t require those addicted to cease playing games or computers fully, however this can surely be a worthwhile object.

Throughout the brief therapy period, motivation for game playing is naturally reduced and meaningful life activities and rewards are increased and reinforced by the persons own mind, ensuring it remains life-long. Unlike other treatment methods, hypnotherapy allows a reduction of seriously negative withdrawal symptoms and depression that so many people experience.

Our Computer Gaming Addiction Treatment also promotes the restoration of family and social relationships that have been damaged from the addiction.

Our rapid and specialist addiction treatment program has been developed as an alternative to residential treatment or long-term psychotherapy.

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