Having worked with many people over the years, several therapists from the Australian Centre of Hypnosis have pooled their specialist skills and training into the perfect workshop that will teach people how to get better control over their own emotional responses.

One of the most prominent issues people report is a lack of motivation, an emptiness and the inability to experience happiness. They go through the motions of each day taking life as it comes. Some suspect there can be more to their lives, feeling unfulfilled and wanting more. Others, unfortunately never get that far, not realising their life can be many times more enjoyable then they have experienced in their entire lifetime.

The Happiness Workshop will unveil many breakthroughs in Psychology and Human Development into easy to master techniques and skill sets that will take you from being stuck to truly finding your own potential and spreading your wings in life. You will learn skills that help you identify and understand the blockages in your emotional understand through to the crucial steps you can reprogram yourself for happiness and success.

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