Improve Your Sex Life

Why Hypnotherapy and not a Sex Therapist?
If you attend a clinic with a sex therapist then you would normally have to be with your partner. Hypnotherapy allows a client to be treated on their own which has significant benefits in terms of reduced nervousness and you don’t have to take your clothes off!

Can sexual dysfunctions be treated effectively with Hypnotherapy

Yes! Almost 50 years ago Erickson and Kubie provided the earliest known case of successful treatment of Inhibited Sexual Desire (ISD) using hypnosis. ISD is the most widespread of sexual dysfunctions and often seems to involve problems with communication and intimacy, traumatic sexual experiences, and negative role modeling from parents.

Hypnotherapy is successfully used to help with a wide range of sexual issues such erection issues and lubrication, impotence and anorgasmia, premature ejaculation, fantasy and role playing, libido, and much more.

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