Tossing and Turning… Ready to pull your hair out because nothing you seem to do lets you get that well earned sleep… Discover how to finally get the rest and peace you deserve!!!

Having trouble sleeping because of insomnia, can be really distressing and frustrating. You go to bed, wishing for a good nights sleep and then lay awake for hours, tossing and turning, becoming more and more anxious about getting to sleep. Or perhaps you drop off to sleep quite easily, and then awake at some unsociable hour and can’t get back to sleep. Either way, the result is that you may feel tired, emotional, irrational and not able to function in a way that you would like to in daily life.

Most people have experience insomnia at some time or another and often this is due to specific worries or concerns, such as having a speech to give, an interview to face or being in new or unfamiliar surroundings. If you suffer from an insomnia problem that affects your everyday life, it is advisable to first seek advice from your G.P to rule out any underlying physical cause.

What I often notice about client’s, who present with insomnia, is that they are thinkers. If I could identify, one cause in their inability to sleep well, it would be excessive thinking. This may be thinking about problems from daily life that need solving or even thinking about sleeping!

Hypnotherapy can be very useful in overcoming insomnia and sleep problems in several ways. One way, it that hypnotherapy, can be used is to break the pattern of over thinking at bed-time. This is important because falling off to sleep naturally and easily, is not a conscious act. Our unconscious mind is responsible for knowing how to overcome insomnia. In fact, it will have stored memories for how to sleep well and also how to sleep badly.
One of the best side-effects of Hypnosis, is an enhanced ability to let go, release stress and enjoy a great “insomnia free” night peacefully!

We can’t think ourselves to sleep, in the same way that we can think our way through other problems. During hypnosis, we help you recall times of good quality, restful sleep and make suggestions for you to experience high quality sleep again. Strategies are also taught which can help you to reduce over-thinking and how to use self hypnosis to quieten your mind.

In addition, hypnotherapy can also help you to relax and let go of distracting thoughts.

Learning how to let go in this way, can enable most people experiencing insomnia, to sleep well again. Through hypnosis, clients are supported in planning for a good nights sleep, and cues for sleep are given and associated with activities that you usually do in order to prepare for bed.

Once a person remembers how they sleep well on a deeper level, combined with the ability to access self hypnosis, they can literally change how they experience sleep and rid themselves of insomnia once and for all.

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