It is no surprise that many people struggle with their weight.

Whether they unconsciously binge eat, or find themselves emotionally overeating, its not difficult to realise that the persons mind is for the most part, on auto-pilot.

Going to the gym and exercising for the most part fails, because the persons mind has been mis-programmed and needs a tune-up.

Just as you would book your car in for a professional to get everything back on track, we work with your mind to create new and outstandingly healthy behaviours that make losing weight so much easier.

Lose Weight Easier with Hypnosis

How can Hypnotherapy help with weight loss?

It is not about diets. And it isn’t about ramping up your self-control to deny yourself the foods you want.

It’s about making it easier for you to get in shape, and stay slim. In a way that is healthy, natural and intelligent. Still being confident to enjoy the food you eat, but doing so in a manner that enables you to lose weight and keep it off.

Therefore, you can deflect the diet roller coaster and you can look forward to keeping that shedded weight off permanently.

How does Hypnosis work for weight loss?
It is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. When we work with clients, we talk about several factors that are important for their success.

Your attitude towards food needs to be considered. A lot of overeaters use food as a substitute or measure for well-being, safety, or love. With hypnosis, you can modify your attitudes to reduce your perceived importance of food – so you eat less and begin to savour what you eat.

Your triggers for eating need to be identified so you have new choices in situations that stimulated you to overeat in the past.

Self-esteem and self-confidence are crucial components in making life-long change.

The power to imagine yourself at a healthy weight is an essential beginning. Hypnosis can reinforce good self-talk so that you build on strength rather than fighting feelings of deprivation.

With the emphasis on health. Hypnosis can increment your desire for the foods you realise are good for you. When you discover satisfaction with healthy foods, shifting your eating patterns is that much easier.

Do you recommend a specific diet?
No, we’re not a nutritionist and we don’t give specific nutritional advice. In many cases, we find our clients already acknowledge how to eat healthy. The work we do, removes the blocks that have prevented them from doing what they know.

How many sessions does it take?
Weight loss is probably the most nuanced issue we help individuals to resolve. It varies widely between three to eight sessions, however four sessions is about average.

How do I get started?

The next step is to contact us today to kick start your losing weight.