Trauma And PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Why suffer from a trauma indefinitely?

Common traumas are those experienced at scenes of accidents – affecting casualties, witnesses and emergency services.
We can all relate to a traumatic event of some sort, although for some people it is not an event that touches them directly. For others it can be debilitating and cause long term illness or negative reactions and emotions.

Typical examples of traumas where hypnotherapy has proven effective are rape, abuse, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), violence and many more. Some clients are unaware that they have experienced a trauma because their conscious mind has refused to acknowledge it and discards the memory. Unfortunately the subconscious retains the memory and can influence an individual’s actions or reactions depending upon the circumstances.

Quite often a client suspects they have a phobia of sorts and seek help to conquer it. Investigation may show that the phobia is triggered by a traumatic event that has been long forgotten.

As an example; it is not unusual to treat a client for sexual dysfunction and then during diagnostic analysis under hypnosis they reveal that they have experienced some form of sexual abuse as a child. The revelation can sometimes be more traumatic than the original event.

Once the causes are recognised then the therapy can be relatively straight forward.

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