To bring a novel from inception to publication can take two or three years. Publishers have to think ahead. So does the smart writer. Don’t waste your time trying to cash in on today’s hits. Write the novel you’re burning to write, and make it as good as you possibly can. There is only one rule: don’t bore your reader. If you’ve never written a novel before, you would be wise to complete your manuscript before you approach the market. In today’s fast moving publishing world, few editors and agents are willing to work with a new author on the basis of an outline and sample. You have to be able to show you can deliver what you promise.

Writing a book is a great way to position you to charge higher fees, create additional income streams and go on more vacations. A book will expand your exposure, add credibility and increase your opportunities for adventure. Here are 4 dreamy reasons you should write a book now:

• Write a book now; for now is better than later. Kill procrastination by acting now. Read a book about book writing. Sketch out your book writing plan.
• Write a book and go places you’ve never gone. At the least, your book will travel to countries and places you’ve never gone. Better yet, add speaking about your book’s topic to your list of services and watch new doors and opportunities for you open.
• Write a book and create multiple income streams. Don’t just plan a one book event but plan a series of books. It’s important to expand your thinking to the possibilities after your book is published.
• Write a book and become famous. Grow your name to fame. Write a book filled with success experiences that motivate your audience to give more, do more or share more. Share your experiences to inspire your audience.

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Here are your two most suited options:
Write A Book